Classical Matrix Game

Battle of the Sexes

Stag and Hare

Inspection Game

Modeller's Dilemma

Matching Pennies

Prisoner's Dilemma

Hawk and Dove


Battle of the Bismarck Sea

Discoordination Games

Dangerous Coordination

Contribution Games

Welfare Game

Small Pig

Collaboration Games

Common Preference

Compact Representation

Bidirectional Local-Effect Game

Polymatrix Games

Ring structured game

Uniform Local-Effect Game

Local-Effect Games

Uniform Local-Effect Game with clique

Network Games

Coordination Games

Bidirectional Local-Effect Game with all F linear

Road Game

Complete Opposition

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Matching Pennies

Simple Point Catcher Game

Simple Inspection Game

Greedy Game

Constant-Sum Games

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